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Title:      Early Essays on Acupuncture and Moxa - 2. Moxibustion
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The series on early essays on acupuncture and moxa consists of three volumes grouping the first English texts covering this topic. These essays are fundamental within the context of history and historiography of the field, clinical applications, and early explorations of the mechanisms involved. This series truly belongs to the shelves of practitioners and libraries of Oriental Medicine schools.

Volume 1
Dunglison, Robley. Acupuncture (1839).
Elliotson, John. Acupuncture (1832).
Morand, J. Memoir on Acupuncturation (1825). Translated by Franklin Bache.
Churchill, James Mors. A Treatise on Acupuncturation (1821).
Kaempfer, Engelbeit. Of the Cure of the Colick by the Acupunctura; Moxa (1727).

Volume 2
Larrey, D. J. On the Use of Moxa as a Therapeutical Agent (1822). Translated by Robley Dunglison.
Temple, William. An Essay upon the Cure of the Gout by Moxa (1677).

Volume 3
Boyle, James. A Treatise on Moxa (1825).
Wallace, William. A Physiological Enquiry Respecting the Action of Moxa and Its Utility in Inveterate Cases (1827).

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