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Freemasonry Illustrated 2 - The complete Ritual of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

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Title:      Freemasonry Illustrated 2 - The complete Ritual of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
Categories:      Freemasonry
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Authors:      Jonathan Blanchard
ISBN-10(13):      9781944175450
Publisher:      Eric Serejski (Ed.)
Publication date:      2016
Edition:      New
Number of pages:      398
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Language:      English
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Jonathan Blanchard (1811–1892) was an American pastor, educator, social reformer, and abolitionist. He took on the presidency of Wheaton College (Illinois) from 1860 to1882 and was instrumental in insuring its growth and constantly fought for universal co-education and of reform through strong public education open to all. He was also involved with Anti-Slavery and with Anti-Masonry. His position against Masonry and against secret societies emerged after a Covington, Kentucky lodge refused aid to a widow of a long-time member. Jacob O. Doesburg was Past Master of Unity Lodge No 191 Holland, Mich. and he probably was the person who provided the rituals. His name is associated with that of J. Blanchard on several works. The nature of their association, a Mason working with an anti-Mason, is yet to explain.

In light of J. Blanchard background, the three-volumes of Free-Masonry offer us important sources of information. The information is divided into two main themes: rituals and anti-masonic arguments.  The anti-masonic arguments may turn many pro-masonic readers away at once. However, this would prevent an attentive analysis of the rituals themselves that are of significant historical value at the time of the evolution of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (AASR). Second, an important aspect of Freemasonry being that of nurturing critical thinking, the arguments raised by J. Blanchard, heavily drawing from quotes from Masonic authorities, deserve to be studied carefully and, rather than rejected, counter-argued. This would represent an exercise in the art of Rhetoric, one of the seven liberal arts.
Volume 1 includes a general presentation of Freemasonry, the first three masonic degrees and the capitular degrees; Volume 2, a general presentation of the AASR and its first 18 degrees. Volume 3, the degrees 19 to 33rd and a synoptic chapter of illustrations of Volumes 2 and 3. The three volumes provide together 481 illustrations pertaining to Freemasonry.

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