The Esoteric Lore

Reedition of works assisting the study of Symbolism and Esotericism




It is with pleasure that I introduce the result of several years of research, manifesting itself in a series of re-edition of a trove of books fallen into public domain.  These books are like little nodes on a web of information permitting to roam safely in the meanders of quests to know more.
These books have been entirely reedited, rather than reprinted under their original scanned formats.

The reediting work consists of:

17,000 pages
4,500 original references, verified and formatted to modern reference style.
1174 Chinese references, verified and formatted
625 supplementary references
1839 supplementary bibliographical references
18100 Chinese terms, verified and transliterated into modern pinyin
1276 original illustrations, enhanced using modern graphic design technology.

In addition, the research led to the compilation of a database of over 15,000 references. This database, and that of the pinyin cross-terminology will be made available online in the near future.

I invited you to visit the Trove and guide me in bettering and furthering this work.


Eric Serejski