All Authors:default: Freemasonry in Shanghai and Northern China
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Title:      Freemasonry in Shanghai and Northern China
Categories:      Freemasonry
BookID:      10
Authors:      F. M. Gratton
ISBN-10(13):      9781944175030
Publisher:      Eric Serejski (Ed.)
Publication date:      2016
Edition:      New
Number of pages:      264
Language:      Not specified
Rating:      0 
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It is through the studies on functional similarities between Asian and Western post-industrial esoteric societies that I came across Gratton’s Freemasonry in Shanghai and Northern China. I found his work to be important historically and as a foundation for further research on the possible exchanges that may have existed between Freemasonry (Gongjihui 共濟會 in Chinese) and Triad in the nineteen century. In that respect, this work should be consulted in parallel with the compilation series on the Chinese Triad.
This new edition of Gratton’s work includes, in addition to the original work, my own notes contained within brackets and three small appendices. Spelling of Chinese terms has been changed to conform to standard pinyin. I have added three appendices: A review of the work by W. J. Chetwode Ceawlet, an article about Freemasonry in Shanghai in 1902 and a list of references.

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